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The Biosense solution
The challenge for modern society is to monitor and control thousands of natural and man-made harmful compounds such as algal toxins, microcystins, endocrine disruptors, hormones, pesticides and industrial chemicals with a few simple and cost-effective techniques.

Biosense Laboratories AS offers the solution to this challenge as our environmental diagnostic tools offer an easy, fast and cost-effective way to monitor and detect contaminants and toxins.

The Biosense solution includes

- Vitellogenin (Vtg) ELISA kits to test for endocrine disrupting effects of chemical compounds (EDC's)
- Assays to quantify hormones
- Antibodies to test for stress biomarkers

- Industrial Chemicals ELISA kits
- Algal toxin ELISA kits
- Cyano toxin ELISA kits
- Pesticide ELISA kits
- GMO antibodies and ELISA kits
- Plant Pathogens LFD's

In addition to our in-house produced products, we distribute products from, among others;

Abraxis           Agrisera           Cayman           Pocket Diagnostic



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Biosense contact information
February 25. 2016. Due to changes of the phone/fax lines into our office building, our fax number is currently not working properly. To contact us please e-mail to biosense@biosense.com or phone +47 5554 3966
Glyphosate ELISA kit
The glyphosate kit is a rapid and efficient method for analysis of environmental-, food- and biological samples for glyphosate residues.
Sample preparation protocols for beer and malt barley now available

Please contact us at biosense@biosense.com for further info

Progesterone ELISA kit
June 04. 2016. The progesterone/bovine pregnancy ELISA kit is used to improve dairy herd reproductive management and milk production.
The kit determines progesterone directly from either raw milk or serum and can be performed in either a quantitative or semi-quantitative manner.

Please contact us at biosense@biosense.com for further info
Endocrine Disruptors
Biosense Laboratories AS offers ELISA kits to screen for endocrine disrupting chemicals such as natural and synthetic hormones, Bisphenol A (BPA), pesticides, alkyl phenols and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's)
Biosense also offers quantitative vitellogenin (Vtg) kits for detection of endocrine disrupting effect (estrogenic or anti-estrogenic properties) of chemicals - as well as a broad range of antibodies for detection of ED relevant biomarkers (Vtg, Zrp and Cyp1A)

Phytophthora in-field test
The Phytophthora test is a rapid LFD test for detecting Phytophthora species in plant material such as woody tissue, leaves, roots and soft material.

Please see under Plant Pathogen LFD's or contact us at biosense@biosense.com for further info.
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